Words of Wisdom from Danielle and Sharon

March 23, 2008, 6:45 pm
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We have decided that we should have superhero alter-egos.

Sharon would be Spelling and Punctuation Girl. Her superpowers would be to correct spelling and punctuation errors every time she saw them. It would be KAPOW! – The sign saying “Portfoilios” in Staples corrected to “Portfolios”. KAPUNCTUATION! – Stray apostrophes would be removed from signs and incorrectly placed commas would be replaced with full stops, colons or semi-colons. She would have a large Exclamation Mark on her chest and would wear a green lycra cat suit and a mask in the style of Robin or the Incredibles ( Sharon looks a little bit like Mrs Incredible anyway).

Danielle wants to be Repudiation Girl. Basically, she would work at an Insurance Company and repudiate all claims. She would wear a pink lycra catsuit, a mask, a feather boa and leg warmers. Her badge would be a large “No!” Her superpower would be to be able to fly around the country at supersonic speed, repudiating claims left, right and centre and leaving a trail of devastation in her path. Her motto would be “That’s never storm damage, that’s wear and tear!”


The Balancing Game
March 18, 2008, 12:15 pm
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A really exciting game you can play if your desks have partitions is the Balancing Game. For this, you need:

Two desks
A partition
2 Clementines or other kind of fruit
A ruler
A small toy from a Kinder Egg
A small finger puppet (called either Taylor or Greg)
Anything else you might find on a desk

First of all, put the two Clementines or other fruit on the partition: the more precariously they are balanced, the better. Then balance the ruler on the Clementines, followed by any other object at hand. Then sit back and wait for them to all come tumbling down. This is a form of Buckaroo that is ideal for the office environment.

We would not recommend you to balance a full cup of tea or coffee, however, as you may scald yourself if it overbalances and falls on top of you.

Resource Planners
March 17, 2008, 4:01 pm
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Resource Planners are all Vogons. This is evidenced by their complete mastery of bureaucracy, their complete lack of empathy, their pleasure in refusing holiday requests and the fact that they have no friends.

Hello world!
March 15, 2008, 2:37 pm
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In the words of the late, great Val Doonican:


Is he late? Did/does he say that? I’ll just check… *sound of running feet*

No! He’s not late, he’s still alive – hooray – and, if the Intro and the Outro by the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band is anything to go by, he has always said “Hello there!”, whilst sat in a rocking chair, wearing a cardigan.


Let’s introduce ourselves. On the left is Danielle and on the right is Sharon. Sharon’s the older one by many years but we think we both have the same mental age.

We sit next to each other at work and we seem to come with a lot of good ideas and clever theories and we think it would be a crime not to share them with an audience, so Sharon, who loves computers and Excel Spreadsheets (“Pivot Table Reports rock!!!) will do the actual blogging but Danielle will provide at least 50% of the material. Look out for future posts about Resource Planners, great games you can play at your desk and, when we’ve written it, our play.

See ya!