Words of Wisdom from Danielle and Sharon

March 23, 2008, 6:45 pm
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We have decided that we should have superhero alter-egos.

Sharon would be Spelling and Punctuation Girl. Her superpowers would be to correct spelling and punctuation errors every time she saw them. It would be KAPOW! – The sign saying “Portfoilios” in Staples corrected to “Portfolios”. KAPUNCTUATION! – Stray apostrophes would be removed from signs and incorrectly placed commas would be replaced with full stops, colons or semi-colons. She would have a large Exclamation Mark on her chest and would wear a green lycra cat suit and a mask in the style of Robin or the Incredibles ( Sharon looks a little bit like Mrs Incredible anyway).

Danielle wants to be Repudiation Girl. Basically, she would work at an Insurance Company and repudiate all claims. She would wear a pink lycra catsuit, a mask, a feather boa and leg warmers. Her badge would be a large “No!” Her superpower would be to be able to fly around the country at supersonic speed, repudiating claims left, right and centre and leaving a trail of devastation in her path. Her motto would be “That’s never storm damage, that’s wear and tear!”


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Three cheers for grammar and punctuation!!! Truly a dying art…. xoxoox

Comment by Bruce Bloggie

hmmmmmm did I say grammar???? well, let’s add spelling to that too, obviously!!

Comment by Bruce Bloggie

I admire essayists who take pride in their presentation.

Comment by Jean McDonald

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