Words of Wisdom from Danielle and Sharon

Superheroes #2
April 1, 2008, 6:39 pm
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As you are now aware, Danielle and Sharon both want to be Superheroes. Sharon is Spelling and Punctuation Girl and Danielle is Repudiation Girl. Now Sharon’s young man, John, also wants to be a Superhero – the Great Crescendo – but he also wants to have a Supervillain alter ego – the Fearsome Fartpants (excuse my French). Ah, he just said, “What do you mean ‘wants to be a Superhero?’ He is a Superhero!'” Delusional!

Sharon has come up with an idea for his outfit. John usually dresses soberly and with much style so his Superhero alter ego will have to be rather flamboyant. He will wear a lime green lycra catsuit with a yellow tutu, Dr Marten boots and a large ff on his chest. He will have to have to wear a mask to protect his identity and will jet propel himself round the world righting wrongs and generally being a good guy.

His catchphrase will be “I’ve farted so I’ll finish”. Nifty huh?

His alter ego, the Supervillain, the Fearsome Fartpants, will dress all in black with another large ff on his chest but nobody will realise that he and the Great Crescendo are one and the same extremely disturbed individual. He will also be jet propelled but will fly around the country shielded by his foul smelling cloud of invisibility leaving mayhem and destruction in his wake. And poor old Great Crescendo will have to go back and put things right when he regains control of John’s body.

Ah the possibilities are endless!


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