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Broughton Ratchet-McCabbage, the Gentleman Plasterer
August 3, 2008, 9:10 pm
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Broughton Ratchet-McCabbage was born on the family estate at Scrimborough, Buckinghamshire, on 19 September 1963. He is the second son of Sir Lewes Ratchet-McCabbage Bart. and Lady Escalonia Ratchet-McCabbage (née Glue-Ear).

Broughton showed a great deal of promise virtually from birth. He was able to read and write long before he started school and left his public school with 11 O’Levels (all A Grades) and attained 5 A Grades at A’Level. He went on to achieve a Double First in Fine Art and Quantum Physics at St Wayne’s College, Oxford.

After University, he pursued a career in Merchant Banking for a couple of years before he had what he now calls his Road to Damascus Moment. He accidentally took the lift at work to the wrong floor and saw a plasterer at work during a refurbishment of that area of the building. He decided to give up Merchant Banking there and then and pursue a career as a plasterer.

Brougton dressed for work

Brougton dressed for work

Broughton had excelled at every activity he had attempted so far and plastering was no exception. He passed his City and Guilds in record time and was quickly taken on by a local builder. Shortly afterwards, he bought the firm, so that he could steer it in the direction he felt it was best to go. Broughton has since perfected his plastering skills to such a degree and he plasters with such consummate artistry that he can now command high fees for his work and it is not unusual for him to charge £1000 per hour for his services. There is currently a five-year waiting list for his services.

Broughton is unmarried and is generally considered to be the most eligible bachelor in England. A large number of unmarried young ladies have begged their fathers to be introduced to him at society balls and charity functions but so far he has remained immune to their charms.

Broughton studiously ignoring a gaggle of young admirers


Broughton has many hobbies. Some of those mentioned in Debretts are Scrabble (he was three times World Champion in the late 1990s), extreme ironing (he base jumped from Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, Idaho, with his ironing board, iron and his favourite tweed jacket last year) and icing wedding cakes. Most weekends, however, Broughton likes to go for a drink at the local pub, the Tart and Plimsoll, with his colleagues. He is a generous man and usually buys all the rounds himself.

Broughton at the Tart and Plimsoll after a few

Broughton at the Tart and Plimsoll after a few

What of the future? Broughton feels that he has not exhausted all the possibilities of plastering and is contemplating studying pargetting; he would like to go over the Iguazu falls while ironing his Dinner Jacket; he will ice the cake for his sister, Forsythia’s wedding in 2011 and, of course, he intends to continue going to the pub for a drink with his friends and colleagues from work.